Virtual Colonoscopy

Welcome to Virtual Colonoscopy!


3D Post - Processing in Cross Sectional Imaging is mainly used as a kind of "Art of Medical Imaging" or for the "Patient". Still just partly accepted is 3D imaging as a diagnosis or interventinal planing tool. What is mostly not known is, that 3D Imaging has BIG ADVANTAGES in contrast to 2D imaging:

  • A much higher visualization time (per square unit surface as in comparison to the 2D axial cuts)
  • a much higher, i.e. up to 4 times higher, contrast resolution as in comparison to the 2D axial cuts in the lung window level setting.

The most common problem in daily clinical highly busy routine is to create in very short time images which explain the problem in one view. Rendoscopy´s images are created automatically with the best clinical benifit for the patient.

3D Post - Processing is just a snap away - and it can be included into your daily clinical routine without loss of time - by every member of the group!

I just would like to explain Rendoscopy´s Philosophy why our customers are enthused for Rendoscopy even if EVERYONE has a solution in the package which is coming with the CT:

  1. Automatisation for the whole post - processing workflow without manual or mouse interaction. Up to 1000 cases in 24 hours without no clicks [Server - Mode]. Just send the axial cuts to the workstation.
  2. Extreme simple handling: Post - Processing just a finger snap away is a prerequisite for the establishment of a new technology namely for EVERY MEMBER in the group: This simplicity and the accuracy makes a new technology really available.
  3. Authenticity: Technical best possible spatial high resolution and contrast resolution. A standard comment of our customers: "One recognize really EVERYTHING", namely EVERY smallest lesion, AND the most difficult group of findings, such as flat lesions. This creates the good feeling not to overlook something caused by a "sugurcoated" 3D surface. The neuro-surgeons of our hospital are asking for "Rendoscopy" (Angiography) results, caused by the high authenticity visualisation form compared to the CT vendors post - processing software.
  4. Self-explanatory, simple, quick and for the clinical partner easy to understand documentation of the clinical findings. With just a push of a button your clinical partner realise quickly what is going on.
  5. High relevant visualisations which is just not only reducing reading time, but as well increase your accuracy and increase your reading quality significantly.
  6. Convince your clinical partner with impressive and plausible visualisation forms. The limitations of optical colonoscopy will be obviously compared to the Rendoscopy visualisation forms. The most famoust japanese gastroenterologist were impressed:
    1. Split View: This is a typical and patented Rendoscopy visualisation form of a 180° half bowel without image distortion. This allows the assessment of the 3D lesion in direct context of the colon wall (thickening) and the infiltration into the adjacent mesenteric fat. This is highly relevant for polyp / stool differentiation and the grading of the status of the disease.
    2. Spinning View: This is offered just by Rendoscopy and is introduced to optimize the usage of the Split View to assess more secure the infiltration into the mesenteric fat.
  7. The exchange of your findings with your clinical partners can be done with the Rendoscopy Communicator with full 3D Navigation including all findings as bookmarks without the necessity to have a licence. This enables your clinical partner with full 3D capabilities on standard hardware of your patients. This guarantees the best and most efficient findings exchange.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.